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Foreword from the CEO

To my esteemed and valuable customers, ladies and gentleman, on this occasion as the CEO of PT. Enka Manunggal Mandiri or Enka Tours, I would like to introduce our company to you. Enka Tours was established in 1996 and we have been providing excellent and valuable services that includes domestic and international coverage such as:

  1. Booking and issuance of flight tickets
  2. Booking and issuance of hotel vouchers
  3. Design, preparation and execution of holiday travel packages
  4. Assistance and support in preparing all travel related documents such as visas and passports
  5. Design, preparation and execution of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)

In its journey, we have secured the trust of thousand of retail customers, including corporate customers, both foreign and domestic as well as the government of The Republic of Indonesia in providing top-rated travel services. In our experience, when designing a winning holiday travel package that leaves lasting beautiful impressions on our customers, several requirements are critical to ensure its success, which are:

  1. Outstanding hotel quality
  2. Excellent food and beverage quality that is unique to the locality
  3. Interesting and unique event programs that surprise and delight customers
  4. Ample time in travel plans so as not to hurry customers
  5. Reliable and safe transportation
  6. Excellent and informative services from tour leader

All of our travel services and programs include the requirement above, in addition to the creativity in designing the holiday packages and seamless execution of them, has made our company well-known as a travel agency that has the utmost excellent reputation from our customers.

In closing, I would like to extend my warmest invitation to you, esteemed ladies and genteleman, to try our services and be rest assured that you will come home from your travels with a satisfied smile, a joyful heart and a memorable experience.

Handojo Dhanidibroto

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